Kathleen Marie McLaughling: Jared Fogle’s Second Ex-Wife

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Jared Fogle is the commercial representative of Subway and his former wife is Kathleen Marie McLaughling. They married in 2010 and filed divorce in 2015. The wife was not happy with the man as Jared was a sexual child abuser. He had history of sexually assaulting child and making porn. She felt disgusted about her husband when she learned about such shameful and evil behavior. Jared Fogle was taken into the custody for child sexual abuse and involving in child pornography. He later confessed his crime for doing sex with minor and children against their will. So basically he is a rapist, but even worse because he targets innocent and sensitive children for his lust. What kind of psycho he is?

The story of his crime story is very terrifying and beyond one’s imagination. Kathleen Marie was second wife of the child abuser and he was first married to Elizabeth Fogle for 2001 to 2007.

Why Are People Searching For Kathleen Marie Mclaughling?

Fogle’s child sex crime story has been very popular for a few last years and people who were close to him like his wives, children, and friends are also in the limelight due to the case. Prior to the case, he was also very popular for being in the commercials of Subway. Apart from his crime, Fogle is very famous for losing 245 lb (111 kg) of fat using SubWay’s healthy meals.

Kathleen Marie is also has been in spotlight regarding the confession she made for Fogle’s child abuse crime that when she learned about his interest in child sexual abuse and sex with minors, she immediately begun to file for divorce with Jared. She also confessed that some of the Subway’s staff also knew about Jared’s crimes and they neither did not stopped him from doing such things and nor reported his criminal behavior to the law. The ex-wife also made it evident that she cares about the well-being of her 2 child who she gave birth with her marriage with Jared. Kathleen is the mother of two adorable kids a son (Born 2011) and daughter (Born 2013). Her divorce was completed on Nov 16, 2015 in which court asked the Subway’s Jared to compensate her wife with $7 Million US dollars for the welfare of her kids and her. He accepted and acted according to the court’s instructions for Marie and that time had a net worth of $15 million US dollars.

Jared Went on a Diet for His Wedding With Marie McLaughling

After getting divorce from the first wife Elizabeth Fogle in 2007 and spending two years without marriage, the lust-hunger started hunting for a new woman to marry and fulfill his lust. Fogle found love with Kathleen McLaughlin, a teacher, in November 2009 and they got engaged the same year. Just a few months before their wedding in August 2010, People magazine reported that Fogle has become so much fat again and had put on 40 pounds. Subway’s experienced fat-shredder Jared planned to shed those pounds again with his all-time favorite Subway cutting-diet before his wedding day. After their marriage, he became father to two children together: a son born in 2011 and a daughter in 2013.

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