How to Get an App for Your Business at a Low Cost

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Hiring a developers team to create an app for your business or brand can be very costly ranging anywhere from $16,000 to $32,000 considering you want a simple app, excluding features. With the help of AI App Generator nowadays it has become very affordable to create an app. AI app creation tools mostly utilizes AI to understand textual app descriptions and then develops a basic operational app according to the instructions fed. Programing and learning to code is not needed if you can use AI tools to get an app for your company at almost negligible cost.

Ways to Create App If You Are on a Low Budget

1. Hire Independent and Affordable Developers

Skip the big agencies and hire one skilled developer from the freelance market if that suits your budget. on Platforms like Fiver, Upwork, you can find talented independent developers who can deliver quality work without the hefty price tag. The platforms provide comprehensive work history of the freelancers like, how much time they take to complete a job like yours, how much other have rated them, and how much they charge – everything is transparent, making an affordable and trustworthy option for small businesses.

2. Create App Yourself With a No-Code App Designing Tool

You can build a functional app without writing a single line of code! That’s the magic of no-code app development platforms. These user-friendly tools help you bring your app ideas to life.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Platforms like Bubble ( it comes with drag-and-drop interfaces that make building apps as intuitive as playing with building blocks. Simply select pre-built elements like buttons, menus, and data forms, and visually connect them to define your app’s functionality. Bubble even allows you to integrate with popular services like Google Maps and Stripe for payments, making your app even more powerful.
  • Another great option is Glide ( Perfect for data-driven apps, Glide seamlessly transforms your Google Sheets or Airtable spreadsheets into fully functional mobile apps. No coding needed! This is a fantastic option for businesses that already manage their data in these platforms and want to create a user-friendly interface for customers or employees to access that data.

subscribing to these services, you will get full technical support from them. In case you are stuck in some issue while creating the app, the support team will rescue you in a matter of an email. You can also hire a person who is skilled in using these no-code app development software to cut down the efforts and time you will invest. Hiring such developers will be significantly affordable as compared to the developers who do complete coding from scratch for your app.

3. Use AI App Generators or Designers

These tools use artificial intelligence to understand your app concept and translate it into a basic, functional application. No coding knowledge will be required!

Here’s how AI App Generators can be your budget-friendly development partner:

  • Instruct Your Potential App: Simply feed the AI clear textual instructions of your app’s functionalities and desired features. Ai will interpret your commands and start creating the app for you. You can then revise particular changes.
  • Focus on the Core: Remember these programs might not be suitable for creating apps with highly complex functionalities.
  • You can use service like Softr ([]) to build an app with AI engine.
  • BuildFire ([]) is another name in the AI app developer world.


You can have now understood how things work when you don’t want to put much money on app development. No wonder if you need a simple application, software either AI or non-AI will do the job. But if you want a customized software for your business, hire a freelancer or a low-cost developing agency.

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