How to Fix Instagram DM Not Working

Any error in social media apps seems to be disturbing and especially in apps like Instagram which is a highly popular social media app nowadays. Users are complaining Instagram DM Not Working which could be happening due to many causes. If you are facing this issue, just follow the troubleshooting Instagram is the most known, popular social networking app, owned by an American company. It allows users to upload their photos, videos, and reels with organized hashtags, mentioning their relatives or friends, where they gain followers to boost their social popularity. Though Instagram is crowded with many celebrities it is widely known for its fascinating features –

  • Filters 
  • Locations 
  • Music 
  • Separate posting sections for reels, stories, and post

What Causes Instagram Direct Message Not Working Error

  • Internet issue 

A strong internet connection is crucial for working on any app. 

  • Caches 

Analyze unnecessary caches and files. They are a big issue. 

  • Maybe DM settings have been blocked 

maybe you are blocked from your friend list or someone you are trying to reach. 

  • Outdated app 

Outdated apps fail to work effectively. It’s important to update it or reinstall it from the Google play store. 

3 Simple Tips to Fix Cannot Send Message on Instagram

Some reliable solutions to fix the error are – 

  • Check internet connection 

Strong internet connection is necessary for the working of any app. Be it Instagram, game app or other activities. You can turn the router off and on after 5 mins. Maybe your wifi is causing an interruption. Also check if the internet speed is good or not. 

  • Start app again 

Close all the activities and start all over again. You can go to the settings, restarting will help you to get good quality and good performance of the device. Restarting will close all the extra activities in the background. Many times restarting helps in fixing major issues when the device is not working.

  • Reinstall the app 

Sometimes your app stops working automatically when it is not updated from time to time. Maybe it is outdated and needs to be updated. All you have to do is to uninstall the older version and install the new version. 

  • Use different methods for Instagram 

It’s not important to always use the Instagram app; you can also access the app through the Chrome or Firefox browser. 

  • Cache or corrupted files 

Check if any cache or corrupted files can lead to viruses and errors in the app. Sometimes your phone is full of unnecessary data, and corrupt files which lead to interruptions in the activities of other apps. 


Instagram is widely famous for its amazing features like reels, filters, uploading photos, and socializing with new people. However, technological innovation sometimes lagged down due to technical errors. Though these errors are not very serious and can be solved through the ways described above in the blog. All you have to do is to check the internet connection, outdated apps, caches, and corrupted files. 

To avoid interruption in your enjoyment, pay attention to errors, properly analyze them and focus on how to solve them. 

We assure no interruption while using your favorite app.