How to Empower Your Customers Using White Label Crypto Cards

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The landscape of finance is right now going through a significant development. In 2023, over 467 million users now are using cryptocurrency according to a report by TripleA worldwide. This increase in crypto users creates a unique opportunity for businesses. However, most typical financial tools are still not compatible with Cryptocurrency, and due to this many crypto users are very unhappy.

A new report by CoinPayments found that 82% of crypto holders want to spend their all digital asset directly with merchants. Sadly, current options for spending crypto often require a lengthy conversion processes and is rarely accepted on online marketplaces. That’s how these crypto users cannot make direct purchases on most online portals and they simply cannot directly use their online currency on these sites. However a new solution has emerged in the market known as White Label Crypto Card. These cards allow crypto users to make payment on online merchant sites. They work by joining your digital asset into a conversion system and let you pay on most merchant portals in any currency.

The Problem: Limited Crypto Spending Options and Frustrated Customers

Imagine you’re excited about your favorite online store finally having that new gadget you’ve been eyeing. But when you reach the checkout, your excitement goes down. Why? Because they only accept traditional payment methods like credit cards, and your money is tied up in crypto. This scenario is all too real for many crypto holders.

Here’s why current methods for spending crypto are inconvenient and limit customer options:

  • Lengthy Conversion Process: Spending crypto often involves converting it to fiat currency (like USD) first. This adds extra steps and fees – a recent Coinbase survey found that 71% of businesses consider the conversion process a barrier to crypto adoption.
  • Limited Merchant Acceptance: While major retailers like Microsoft and Starbucks are starting to accept crypto, it’s still a small minority. A study revealed that only 1 in 5 consumers reported being able to use crypto at their regular stores.
  • Inconsistent User Experience: The process for spending crypto can vary greatly depending on the platform or merchant. This lack of standardization creates confusion and frustration for users.

Crypto holders are stuck in a situation where their money isn’t readily spendable, hindering both their buying power and the growth of the crypto ecosystem.

How White Label Crypto Cards Can Supercharge Your Business

Here’s how White Label Crypto Cards can revolutionize your business:

1. Unlock a New Wave of Customers

Imagine a customer who gets paid in crypto but wants to buy that new limited-edition sneaker on your website. With White Label Crypto Cards, they can do exactly that! Studies show there’s a huge demand for this – Many crypto holders want to spend their digital assets directly with merchants like you! By accepting crypto, you open your doors to this entirely new market.

2. Boost Sales Without the Hassle

Let’s face it, the current way to spend crypto is clunky. People have to convert it to regular money first, which adds extra steps and fees. Almost 71% of companies see this conversion process as a major barrier to crypto adoption. White Label Crypto Cards eliminate this hurdle. Customers can pay directly with their crypto, leading to faster and smoother transactions. This means more happy customers and more sales for you!

3. Be a Fintech Frontrunner

The world of finance is changing rapidly, and crypto is at the forefront. By using White Label Crypto Cards, you show your customers you also care about your tech-savvy consumers and that understands their needs. This positions you as a leader in the new financial landscape, attracting customers who value innovation and convenience.

4. Happy Customers, Loyal Customers

Nobody likes a complicated checkout process. These quick payment cards offer a seamless and user-friendly way to pay. Your customers can simply use their card at your store, just like they would with a regular credit card. This positive experience translates to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, keeping them coming back for more.

5. Reduced Fees

While transaction fees can vary, some White Label Crypto Card programs offer competitive rates compared to traditional payment methods. This can potentially save you money on processing costs, boosting your bottom line.

How to Get Started with These Blockchain to Flat Currency Cards?

There are many reputed crypto cards providers in the market who can quickly create White Label Crypto cards for your business and upgrade your fintech. and Zypto are some of the best issuers of this product. Before initiating and finalizing deal with any of these service provider’s first research carefully about everything they offer and what they don’t provide. Make decision very wisely and maybe taking help from fintech experts will be great.


We have discussed how and why using crypto to normal money conversion cards can help a business grow their customer base and sales altogether. Sooner or later, all companies and shops have to integrate this payment system in order to keep working in the market as crypto userbase is expanding day by day and the day is near when almost everyone would be using blockchain based currencies.

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